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Dr. Debbie Thompson


“My energy work began as an Air Force electronic technician in 1979. Working with the central nervous system was next when I graduated as a Doctor of Chiropractic in 1993.

Today, I bring together the physical, emtional, mental and spiritual energetic bodies to “Ignite the ALL that YOU ARE!”

My passion to help people and animals with energy work began in 1993, as a doctor of chiropractic (MORE Dr. T chiropractor). Thousands came through my office with an assortment of physical challenges.

While chiropractic adjustments gave significant physical results, there was still a missing piece for me. My patients would call me from 1 month to 6 months later with the same physical complaint. I felt like I was missing something.

My quest to find answers pointed me towards an assortment of energetic healing methods. The connection with Quantum Physics and energy psychology kept showing up. My primary chiropractic technique I started using was Torque Release. Torque Release is also based on Quantum Physics.

Significant and permanent physical changes started happening. My patients would come back with brand new physical challenges and most times because they were now more active than ever. I was so excited to see more and more experience a whole new level of wellness physically, emotionally and mentally.

My healing tool bag and teaching others how to utilize their own tool bag has never stopped evolving. Living Your PATH© (Purposeful Alignment to Total Happiness) is the largest umbrella which all of my other programs fall under.

The first ebook/course of the Living Your PATH© series will launch in January, 2016, “Happiness Is the New Sexy… Getting Your Happy ON!” (JOIN THE EMAIL LIST TO NOT MISS THE LAUNCH)

Imagine discovering how to live consciously and purposely every day. Everything I’ve learned and collected will be available in one place. Individual courses in relationships, being intuitive, 50 Fit Fabulous & Free and much more is coming.

Get ready to reprogram your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energies for our highest and best wellness possible.

Energy is malleable like clay and you are the Master Sculptor. It’s time to discover how to put your Master to work right now for your very best life possible!




“Happiness Is the New Sexy”

Getting Your Happy ON!”



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Living Your PATH

Dr. Debbie Thompson
Greater Phoenix, AZ Area – USA